Do you feel like you career goals are sitting on a shelf gathering dust?

Your professional reinvention is like a bad experiment. You're still trying to identify the perfect career. Your ideal job turned out to be not so ideal. 

Look, I've been there and came out on the other side.

Everyone has a different need, and that’s why I offer various services tailored to your individual styles and needs.

Self-Study Courses

Learn at your own pace. Courses designed to give you the missing pieces to your career survival

Resources for Change

We've picked the best of the best to help you in your job search, career goals and life changes.

Individual & Group Coaching

We have options for all levels and investments. Start with our group coaching program or for targeted help, try the VIP programs.

The Art of Career Survival

The Art of Career Survival: Never Fear Joblessness Again.

Based on practical experience gained through a decade of career group leadership and personal dealings within the job market, The Art of Career Survival is an engaging and accessible companion to your efforts to find the next step in your career. Through a series of entertaining lessons, you’ll learn how to plan and prepare for the job search; develop a resume that actually works for you; enhance your chances through networking; gather inside information through informational interviews; create cover letters that support your resume; anticipate and be prepared for interview questions; analyze job offers using tools to help in your decision; and use the Internet to broaden your efforts.

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