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Have You Ever Worked With A Career Coach Who’s Been In Your Shoes?

Whether you’re in the midst of a professional reinvention, trying to identify the perfect career, or recently been laid off from a not so ideal job, I’ve been there.

Bette Novak, Career Coach

Because hiring a career consultant is a complex process, we tend to delay the process of find one until we’ve reached our breaking point. Usually, it’s losing your job, angst with a current one, on the edge of quitting or just plain miserable.

I understand because I’ve

  • Been laid off
  • Resigned from a job
  • Made a career change
  • Advanced my career

Let me share some of the biggest challenges I have faced during my corporate tenure.

When I had to consider what I could do, and wanted to do, that would work with my diminishing vision. In 2003, I became legally blind in one eye and totally blind in the other.

I share my story in my book, INSPIRE!, as a featured author with 24 other women who also overcame significant challenges in their life and/or work. Chapter 15, “Darkness into the Light” is my story.

However, change and transition became my career watchword as I changed from job to job, company to company, building a career path helping people search for their “life work” and organizations perform effectively.

Managing Training as a Strategic Business Partner

I remember the first time I lost my job as a Region Training Manager because of a consolidation of our Region with Headquarters. All of a sudden I thought, “Now what?” and “Where does my new career in managing training and development move?”

I had no answers, and I didn’t have a plan, a set of strategic steps nor a network to fall back on.

My next job as a Region Training Manager with an international restaurant chain came from a referral from my Dad, who had coffee with the Regional Personnel Manager and shared “my daughter just lost her Region Training Manager’s job.” So one trip to Washington, D.C. from Atlanta, GA and a one-hour long interview, I was offered the job and asked when the movers could come and bring my belongings to Maryland.

It wasn’t until about ten years later and two more career moves later, that I figured out a system that would help my career survive and prevent the feeling of helplessness when jobs suddenly end.

Stepping into Career Coaching

After ten more years of co-leading a community outreach group for the Marymount University Career Services, I created a professional development program and a roadmap that provided a blueprint for job seekers and professionals in transition to learning how to survive career change.

You can see that my career was diverse, my knowledge is vast, and I understand the journey you're on. Feel free to reach out and schedule a quick consult to get your most pressing question answered.

Career Survival Author

In 2012, my husband, Martin Novak, and I wrote our first book, The Art of Career Survival: Never Fear Joblessness Again! A book to help people navigate their job search even in tough times.

We plan to write and publish a Kindle copy our second edition of the same book in late 2015.