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Working With Bette

Everyone approaches their job search and career management differently, and we accommodate these differences by offering a variety of coaching services, workshops, and training that fits your schedule offered 24/7 and are convenient to attend via phone.

You have made the decision to get help. Now what?

Self-Study & Online Resources

If you prefer to do the work on your own time and schedule then self-study is the perfect answer and our classes and discovery activities are the perfect solution. We offer Self-study opportunities through books, articles, recordings, self-study workshop and other self-discovery activities.

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Group Coaching

If you prefer working with others who are in the same situation, and you learn from others, then working in a group setting should be the choice for you. Working together with others can improve the effectiveness of your career change and job search.

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Private & VIP Coaching

If you want to work one-on-one and a need immediate action or more in-depth approach to finding solutions or practice skills, we offer VIP Consultations that offer time for two to three hours in a single day to provide highly customized coaching.

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Benefits of Each Career Coaching Option:

Self-Study & Online Resources

If you want to learn in your own private space at your own personal pace, self-study courses are perfect for you. We offer online courses, books and resources to help you create a roadmap for success.

Group Coaching

Coaching in Groups provides different ideas and support. Group members share their experiences; strategies and success that often helps other members find a solution to a challenge they face in their career and job search. Members often refer other members to jobs and networking contacts..

Private & VIP Coaching

Private Individual Coaching provides one-on-one virtual coaching via phone, FaceTime, and SKYPE. This option provides more time to work with your challenges and develop a plan and select strategies that fit your unique situation. Coaching virtually is convenient and allows you to be coached from anywhere.

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We'd love to chat with you about which option will work best for you. Visit our contact page and let us know where you're stuck