What Led Me to Career Coaching?

Re-engineering the Federal Government

in 1991, I began an eleven-year career in Federal and County Governments as an Employee and Organization Development Specialist. I worked for the Department of Education in the Horace Mann Learning Center and its Skills Clinic and later in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. My main contribution to my agencies and the Federal Government was to explore, introduce and implement new models, systems, programs and services to the program offices and divisions who were required by Presidents H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and G.W. Bush to re-engineer, create and install programs and policies that supported public policy and law from the Legislative and Executive Branches. All the work that I and a group of other Federal career employees implemented in Organizational Learning, Learning Leadership and Systems Thinking to improve performance was transferred over to the Public Sector Consortium, Cambridge, MA.

A Professional Executive - Career Coach and Business Owner

After September 11, 2001, I chose to work closer to my home in northern Virginia. I worked as an Executive Coach and Internal Consultant to managers and leadership councils in the Fairfax County Department of Public Works in Virginia. Unfortunately, my failing eyesight got worse and in 2003, I was declared legally blind. My story about how this event challenged my career and my life is written in my new book, INSPIRED! I am a featured author and my story, Darkness into the Light (Chapter 15) tells the challenges and fear I faced to get my eyesight back enough so i could make my most important career change to Career Coach, business owner, author and public speaker.

In 2005, I launched LifePath Associates LLC and began the steep learning curve of starting and growing my own business. It was a rough start, but a "mistakenly sent email" jumpstarted my professional career coaching business, I responded to an email sent to a colleague of mine in Maryland. CareerBuilder out of Chicago, IL sent to email and I called and asked if I could apply for the coaching contract job. From 2008 - June 2015 I worked part-time as a Career Transition Coach for CareerBuilder. I coached managers and executives at first and then move to a special contract where I coached clients who pursued and graduated with college degrees, mostly at the Master's Level. The universe was shining on me and I believe it is urging me on to expand my career coaching business. I expect 2015 - 2016 to be a "bang up" successful year.

To learn more about my life and background, you can check out the About Me page or read my profile on LinkedIn.